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Talk dirty, burn clean

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Our Story

“They write songs about California girls for a reason” - Sarah Mlynowski

Born in California, The Scarlett Lady was founded by two best friends who were tired of luxury candles that were boring and funny candles that were ugly. Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to make candles that had the best of both worlds without sacrificing quality or scent. Both elegant and witty, these candles are the total package.

Our Mission

We were tired of buying candles that fill the air with synthetic fragrances, tired of consuming goods made anew each time we ordered, and we were tired of being shipped laminated boxes we couldn’t recycle with tape that we had to throw away. Basically we were just tired. So we mustered the last bit of energy we had— courtesy of a few cups of coffee— and started a candle brand we wanted to buy from and we think you will too. We make candles that fill a room with decadent scents, made with luxurious ingredients, and fun little quips that will make you laugh all because you deserve to. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly candles to people everywhere that inspire, ground, and empower through luxurious scents and witty phrases. So go ahead and light one up and see how you light up right along with it.

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Climate change is undeniable and we don't take that fact lightly. It's our collective responsibility to reduce carbon emissions in every aspect of our lives. That's why we are ecologically sound every step of the way. From our all-natural candles to our post-consumer based packaging, you can feel good about every purchase you make from The Scarlett Lady

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Wax & Wick

You breathe what you burn, so we burn clean. That means no phthalates, parabens, or sulfates and we're always cruelty-free. Our wax is 100% natural and uses the purest ingredients with a bleach-free cotton wick.

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Glass Container

Your first time is never the best. So why would it be any different for glass? We're firm believers that everything only gets better with age and experience, so use and re-purpose our glass containers however you like (they love to spice things up).

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The most overlooked aspect of running a sustainable business is shipping, so every TSL order is shipped in recyclable packaging that's made from post-consumer materials. From our re-pulpable tape to our biodegradable box, we've made sure that every element is ecologically sound.

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