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Candle Care


Every good relationship requires some form of give and take. The relationship you have with your candle should be no different. Your TSL candle cares for you by wafting soothing scents into the air around you and giving you a good laugh every time you read its label, so it only seems fair that you give some TLC back in return. After all, a candle’s power is only as good as its owner’s caretaking efforts — and we like to think you’re in it for the long-haul. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some candle care tips for you to keep your candle in tip top shape so that it can do the same for you.   

Give Her a Trim

Every time you get ready to light your candle, make sure that your wick is trimmed to about 1/4 inch in length. Keeping the wick at this length helps control the size of your flame so you can give your candle the long life it — and you — deserve. 

The First Burn

When you pop your candle’s cherry, make sure to melt down the wax across the entire surface. You’ll know you’ve reached minimum burning time when the melty part reaches all the way out to the edge of the glass. Think of this process like candle retinol — you’re helping her age gracefully by preventing tunneling so that she gives off an even burn for her entire life. 

Saying Goodbye

We know: parting is such sweet sorrow, so make sure you give your candle the proper send-off. When there is but 1/2 an inch left of candle wax, it’s time to blow out the flame and stop burning your candle. While the wax is still all melty, pour some hot water into the glass and wait for it to cool. As the wax cools it will solidify and float to the top. (Isn’t science so cool?!) Once all the wax is floating at the top, pour out the contents of the glass – both the water and wax will come out. All that is left is cleaning it out with some soap and water to get it squeaky clean and then you can repurpose the glass however you wish! 

Repurposing Inspiration

There are endless possibilities for repurposing the home that your candle lived in, but we definitely have a few favorites:

  • Use it as the vessel for your favorite cocktail (or mocktail)
  • Turn it into a cute pencil holder
  • Prop it on your favorite table or area in your home and drop some flowers in it, and voila, you have a vase
  • Place it in your bathroom and store your reusable cotton pads 
  • Keep it by your front door and let your keys live in it so that you never lose them again!

If you don’t feel like repurposing, simply take off the label and recycle the glass. It’s seriously that easy! 

Saying Hello

We know that saying goodbye to your beloved candle can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. But have no fear! Go to https://thescarlettladyla.com/ to get another candle and feel that hole in your heart disappear.